Plane Emergency Lands on Highway Near My Parents’ House!

On a surreal note, a small plane made an emergency landing on the Major Deegan Expressway yesterday, right at the exit my mom was going to pick me up at just a couple of hours later!


The plane lost power while returning to Connecticut.  After a request to emergency-land at a New York Airport, the small plane’s contact cut off abruptly.  The plane was going down and on a busy highway.

Luckily, a worker filling potholes saw the plane coming down and stopped traffic to create a runway for the aircraft.  Good thing to.  From lots of experience driving on this highway, I know that could have been disastrous.  Cars zigzag in and out of lanes and the speed limit is a mere suggestion 😛

There were no serious injuries.

As for me, I avoided that subway line just in case traffic didn’t  ease up by then.  Normally, I get annoyed at rubber necking, but seriously don’t blame people for doing it when there is a plane on the highway.


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