Where to Find Reliable Weather Reports

With the winter storm that hit the Northeast, there’s been a resurgence of “Newsertainment”.  That is, news channels that use the impending snow to create a certain amount of panic so people will continually tune in.

Weather.com seems to be the biggest offender.  During rain a few weeks ago, they were kept talking about all the airports that were facing delays.

How many?

This is the picture from their own website:


So where do you turn?


This is my personal favorite because it is easy to use and they have a great iPad app.

The website has a lot of personal interest stories, like Weather.com has, but it tucks them off to the side and leaves the weather front and center.


The iPad app is really similar.  It has “frills” but it tucks them behind the scenes, leaving the front page of their app very clear and easy to understand.  You need to go seek out the extra stuff, leaving a very clear day-of report, and a no-frills view of the next two weeks out.


Accuweather can help with the weather


You can see the ads are non-obtrusive too.  The ones on weather.com usually have sound and start up automatically.

You can get the iPad / iPhone app here.  There is also a Droid app which my mother is very happy with.

The app is free, unless you want no ads.  I’ve had no problems with the ads.  They just sit at the top.

National Weather Service

You want no frills?  You’ve got no frills!

This is a little too trimmed down for me, but a lot of people in my family use it.  It gives you the weather and not much else.

National Weather Service

If you find yourself near-throttling your laptop yelling, “JUST TELL ME WHAT THE WEATHER IS!”, this is the website for you.

Also, you can access the Aviation Weather Service too.

Check it out if you are specifically interested in airport and flight conditions, including icing and turbulence.

Aviation Weather Service


There you have it. A few weather resources that I hope will help in your travels!


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  1. Wow, all you could come up with is 2 sites?!?!? C’mon, you could do a little better than that. How about weather underground? Personally, I find that accuweather’s forecasts are hit or miss.

    For those of us in the DC area, you can’t beat the Capital Weather Gang blog on the Washington Post website. They update multiple times a day and provide great forecasts especially in inclement weather situations.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I only shared sites I’ve used over time and can personally vouch for, so I really appreciate your additions to the list!

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