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Is Flying with a Lap-Child Dangerous to the Child?

This new study that was released is a bit chilling. From the Wall Street Journal, here are some highlights: ” a new study that analyzed in-flight pediatric deaths found them to be very rare, but almost all of the children who did die aboard planes were under the age of 2 …

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Airplane Take-Off in Front of Funnel Cloud

Here’s a cool shot of a Ryanair flight taking off in front of a funnel cloud. There were no reports of it fully forming a tornado, but it’s still a cool picture. As to the distance, from Accuweather: Without more details, AccuWeather experts cannot pinpoint the proximity of the plane …

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Robot Butlers Coming Soon to Aloft

Just when I thought travel couldn’t get any better, the Aloft is bringing in Artificial (not quite) Intelligence. From Fox News: Meet A.L.O., Aloft Hotels’ first Botlr, short for robotic butler. A.L.O. will be rolling down the hallways of Aloft’s Cupertino, California location later this month helping guests with everything from finding …

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JetBlue Engine Fire from “Ingesting” Bird While Still on Ground

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this before a plane took off. From 7online: JetBlue confirmed Sunday that Flight 704 from San Juan, Puerto Rico to JFK Airport experienced a “bird ingestion into the #1 engine”, causing an engine fire. Flight 704 from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan experienced …

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What a Thousand People in One Pool Looks Like

The Chinese Dead Sea Tourist Resort advertises the tranquility of laying out in the pool and relaxing. Not when there’s a heat wave. Click here to see (literally) thousands of people in one pool. Granted, it’s a large pool.  But not that large.    

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Bed Bugs on New York City Public Transportation System

I was a little freaked out when I found out that the San Francisco BART system seats tested positive for large amounts of human excrement–of both kinds.  So I was glad when they replaced the fabric seats with the sleeker kind you can hose down. I always figured the New York …

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How to Follow Our Travels

We’ve had a bunch of new readers lately, so I wanted to let everyone know the options to follow us. One of the easiest way to keep track of us is to subscribe to our newsletter–but we are also on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow @HeelsFirst Enter your Email: Or …

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Hipster Scarf Saves American Tourist’s Life in Germany

Don’t ask me why I was searching for hipster scarf on Google BUT the famed/scorned accessory that hipsters love saved an American tourist’s life in Germany. From Time (yes TIME reported on this): Alex Vogel, 38, told Tagesspiegel newspaper that he was walking by a Berlin river when he heard a …

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Southwest Turning Old Seats into Shoes, Purses, & Soccer Balls

Southwest is turning their old leather seats into shoes, purses and soccer balls–all in the name of charity. From the LA Times:  The Dallas-based carrier launched “Project Luvseat,” in which 43 acres of leather from hundreds of old airline seats will be donated to charitable groups in Kenya to make …

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