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FAA Forgets About Entire Aircraft Type in New $5 Billion System

Despite apparently being reminded multiple times that something called “drones” exists, the FAA forgot to include them–at all–in their new $5 billion system. From Gizmodo: We didn’t understand the magnitude to which (drones) would be an oncoming tidal wave, something that must be dealt with, and quickly,” said Ed Bolton, …

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Cell Phones to Be Allowed In-Flight in Europe

Cell phones not in airplane mode will now be allowed on European Flights. From US News:  European skies may soon be alive with the sound of small talk with new safety rules allowing the use of all portable electronics, including cell phones, at any time during flights. Under the guidelines issued …

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Beer Pipeline Being Built in Belgium

I think this is going to be your new-must-visit vacation spot.  Belgium is literally building a beer pipeline. From Fox News: Agence France-Presse reports that the pipeline is set to connect the historic De Halve Maan brewery to a bottling factory two miles away, eliminating the 500 trucks that drive …

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Midwest Flights Grounded After Radar Fire; Strange Situation

Flights have been grounded in the Midwest after a fire broke out in a radar facility AND a man was found with self-inflicted wounds within the building.  It is unclear if the two are connected yet. From the Chicago Tribune:  The Federal Aviation Administration said no planes in the United …

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How Would Scottish Independence Affect Travel?

As someone who is currently planning a trip to Scotland, I started wondering how Scottish Independence would affect travel.  Here are some bits of information I came across. From the Daily Mail: 4. Will Scotland be allowed into the EU? No one knows. Alex Salmond points to EU leaders accepting that …

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Vegas Bound Fire Fighter Bachelor Party Saves Man’s Life

If I ever have a medical emergency, I hope the plane is packed with fire fighters!  (Hopefully on their way to a bachelor party, not on their way home from one). A groom-to-be and his fellow firefighting buddies saved a man’s life when he started having major cardiac issues in-flight. From …

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Hello Kitty Flights to Start to Paris

After the shocking news that Hello Kitty is not a cat, EVA has announced that the Hello Kitty tricked out flights will begin flying routes to Paris, with even more Hello-Kitty-ization. From the Huffington Post: The new Paris flights will add in new Hello Kitty silverware, new Hello Kitty placemats and a new …

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