“Despite being stabbed in the head twice, Khan continued to tackle the man…”

Forbes has a great article out on different acts of bravery from flight attendants.

I think sometimes we get so used to complaining about in-flight service that we forget that sometimes they go well above-above-and-beyond.

For example:

Shortly into Qantas flight 1737, a passenger tried to enter the plane’s cockpit, with two wooden stakes, an aerosol can and a lighter. Seeing what was about to unfold, flight attendant Denise Hickson attempted to intercept the hijacker, who then stabbed her. Undeterred, purser Greg Khan followed suit and tried to take the man down. Despite being stabbed in the head twice, Khan continued to tackle the man until he restrained him.

I recommend checking the whole article out.  They have ten different stories on them and I didn’t know about most of them.

Another example–we hear about Captain Sully’s heroics, but did you know how the flight attendant also helped save passengers?


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