Ever Have Loyalty Program Related Nightmares?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-dream-city-image14002543I had a nightmare so intense about loyalty programs, that it woke me up.

But the crazy part is this stuff doesn’t really mean this much to me in real life.

Here’s what happened.

Tiff and I went out for the night in Dallas.  We decided that rather than drive back to Denton from Dallas, we’d grab a hotel room there.

There was a Hyatt, Hilton, and Westin there.

We went into the Hyatt (Diamond Status) and it turned out to be one of their experimental hotels, where they try out new concepts to see how it goes.  The concept in this particular dream Hyatt was that the check-in desk was also a bar.  A very popular bar.

Tiff and I tried to get the front desk clerk’s attention amid the cigarette puffing bar flies, but the place was seriously too popular and hopping.  We looked around at the smoke filled lobby and realized we probably didn’t want to stay there anyway.

So we headed over to the Hilton (Gold Status), which looked great.  Except when we inquired about a room, they told us it was $585 or $375 plus 40,000 points.  No thank you!

Finally, we wandered onto the Westin.  The lobby looked great.  The price was right.  Then suddenly I realized–even though I’m eligible for Gold Status through my AmEx Platinum, I never signed up for it!

I woke up with a start.

This is the funny part–I stay at hotels I don’t have status at pretty often.  I was just in Punta Cana for a week, only earning points via the room cost on my Chase Sapphire.

So I have no idea where this dream came from, but the miles and points have invaded my dreams!  Have they invaded yours?


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  1. No, but IHG drives me close. They always give me lousy offers (50K for 20 nights, 18 stays at bonus point/breakfast rate, etc.) and always manage to screw up their promotions in various ways.

  2. Jeanne Marie Hoffman

    I guess I can play spot my neurosis here:

    1. I am uncomfortable with experimental programs because I don’t get the consistency I’m used to
    2. I worry my Hilton points are worth nothing
    3. I need to remember to activate my gold status.

    There is some truth in my dream!

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