Airbus Looking at Virtual-Reality Isolation Helmets for In-Flight

Ever wish you could just tune the rest of the plane out?

Airbus just filed a patent for a product that could do just that.

According to Yahoo News:

Airbus says it’s designed to give air passengers of the future a sensory-deprivation environment where they can fully immerse themselves in the in-flight entertainment and tune out the unpleasantness of air travel:  air raging passengers, crying babies, and the loud drunks in row 23. 

In its detailed patent application, Airbus says it envisions airplane seats with high-tech headrests equipped with helmets. Each headrest/helmet combo would come with a built-in video screen, movable glasses and earphones that a passenger could use to watch movies, play video games and listen to music. The design even allows for “olfactory” isolation — meaning you’d  get your choice of relaxing smells to enhance your flying experience.

Here’s the sexy design:

VR Helmet

What I want to know is–can I set it to “wine”?


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