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Can You Sue Over the Use of a Knee Defender?

Fortune Magazine explores that question here. It’s an interesting article, but it looks like someone might have more of a cause of action against the person reclining if they do it recklessly/negligently. But even so, as long as you were using the seat recline as intended, I don’t think you …

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US Flights Are Fuller than Ever

A Washington Post article today lays out Bureau of Transportation statistics showing flights have been at higher and higher capacity over the last  ten years.  The fullest flights by far are on Frontier, with Spirit Airlines in second. According to the article: Never have domestic carriers been better at making sure …

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Strip Advertising Drone Violated FAA Rules

A 19-year old tech wiz literally launched a drone advertising company by setting one free on the Las Vegas Strip. The only problem is, his drone was in violation of FAA policy. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal: The FAA’s line in the sand differentiating commercial drones from model aircraft …

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Flight Diverted Due to Kidnapping

A United flight to Beijing was diverted after they found out there was a parent on board traveling out of the country with her child with possibly no intention on returning back to this country: The United Airlines flight departed Virginia’s Dulles International Airport at 12:39 p.m. When it reached Canadian …

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ANOTHER Flight Diverted Due to Fight Over Reclining Seats

Just last week, Keri wrote on a flight being diverted due to a fight over the use of a Seat Defender–a tool that prevents the seat in front of you from reclining. Now, the Washington Post reports on yet another fight:  This time, a Delta Air Lines flight from New York’s …

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Impostor TSA Agent Took Women into TSA Private Screening Area

This is scary.  Especially the fact that it took some time for the other agents to notice something was awry (Note: San Francisco uses a private screening agency). This takes place in San Francisco Airport. From the NY Times: THE man wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants stood casually inside a …

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Don’t Let Animals Take Their Own Photos When Traveling

…at least if you want to maintain the copyright. The US Copyright Office just decreed that a selfie taken by a money cannot be copyrighted. The picture in question is this one: Wikimedia Commons Look at the mug on that guy! I’ve been following this case for a while because it’s really …

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