Let’s Pour One Out for the US Airways Boeing 737-400….

"Transaero b737-400 planform ei-cxk arp". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Transaero b737-400 planform ei-cxk arp“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

An era has ended.  Piedmont Airlines (now part of US Airways) was the first to use the Being 737-400.

And now they’ve used their last.

According to the Desert Sun:

The aircraft — tail number N435US — flew from Charlotte to Dallas/Fort Worth to Philadelphia before returning to Charlotte on its final passenger flight for the carrier. The flights operated as US Airways Flight 737.

If you’ll miss the plane, fear not.  Some carriers still fly it:

The only U.S. passenger airlines still flying the vintage “-400†model of the 737 on regularly schedule passenger service are Alaska Airlines and PEOPLExpress, FlightGlobal says, citing the Ascend Fleets database.

And of course, you’ll find other variants of the 737 on American still.


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