Hipster Scarf Saves American Tourist’s Life in Germany

hipster scarfDon’t ask me why I was searching for hipster scarf on Google BUT the famed/scorned accessory that hipsters love saved an American tourist’s life in Germany.

From Time (yes TIME reported on this):

Alex Vogel, 38, told Tagesspiegel newspaper that he was walking by a Berlin river when he heard a nearby “wretched noise†that turned out to be a flailing, drowning American. Since there was almost five feet between Vogel and the water, he “unwound his over-long, hipster scarf,†knit by his mother-in-law, lay on the ground and threw it to the man in the water. Two passersby helped support Vogel as the 22-year-old American managed to climb up the scarf.

Let’s just say, I bet the American tourist was glad that Vogel didn’t opt for a distinctive mustache instead.


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  1. Being saved by a hipster mustache would make an even better story though!

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