Man Attempts to Ruin Ex’s Vacation via Bomb Threat

If you are looking to get revenge on an ex, I recommend not doing what this fellow did.

According to

Milliren made the bomb threat just before 6 a.m., telling police that his ex planned to bomb a Southwest flight that had just boarded, a Port of Seattle Police Department detective said in charging papers. He then hung up.

As such schemes go, it was not particularly well considered.

Having called in the bomb threat from his grandmother’s home phone, Milliren answered when police called back but immediately disconnected, the detective told the court. Milliren then returned the police call only to hang up again after a Port of Seattle sergeant asked if he knew the woman he’d just identified as a bomber.

Meanwhile, police cleared the Las Vegas-bound plane and interviewed the woman. The passengers and baggage were screened before the flight was allowed to proceed.

Speaking with investigators, the woman said Milliren had threatened her in recent weeks and objected to her trip to Las Vegas. She provided text messages sent by Milliren the day of the flight.

In 22 messages, Milliren bragged about having learned her flight number and said he planned to ruin her vacation, according to charging papers. Milliren is alleged to have used Facebook to gather the information he needed to stalk his ex.

“LOL YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOURE IN FOR,†Milliren said in one text message.

Milliren’s defense is that he didn’t technically make a bomb threat, he merely claimed his girlfriend had a bomb.



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  1. Didn’t some half wit do this nonsense in PHL a year or so ago?

  2. Is there something equivalent to the Darwin Awards for idiots who don’t die as the result of their act of idiocy? Maybe prison time is the reward in itself.

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