Using American Airlines Miles as a US Airways Elite

American Airlines

I’ve been racking up American Airlines miles and wondered how this would play out as a US Airways elite.

When you go to book a trip through American Airlines, it locks the American Airlines Frequent Flyer number as your only option.

Before booking my trip, I tweeted American Airlines and US Airways to ask.  They responded that I should just call up after I book and they’ll put my US Airways number in and I will get economy plus access.

That seemed way too easy.

The first call to American Airlines, the representative confirmed that you can switch it and put the request in.  A few hours later, I didn’t see the change on the ticket.  On the second call, the representative walked over to the department where they make the change and confirmed it was done.

I was able to log in immediately and move myself from a middle seat to economy plus.  It was easy!


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  1. To me it’s not easy when I have to call. It should just happen but I shouldn’t expect so much I guess.

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