The Caribbean is not International for US Airways Club Access Either

DSCN0410 I’ve written before that the Caribbean is considered domestic for most of US Airway’s purposes.  There are complimentary upgrades to the Caribbean even though the upgrades are complimentary domestic upgrades.

I had a feeling the US Airways club’s rule that international first class tickets got free access was for US Airways’ definition of international.  But I looked all around and couldn’t find anything defining first class that way.  I tried calling the Chairman line a couple of times but couldn’t find anyone who knows.

The LoungeBuddy app said access was permitted via US Airway’s rules, but I was still convinced that the Caribbean was domestic.  I asked around on Twitter and no one could help me find a definition that would exempt the Caribbean.

I asked at the US Airways club itself, described the trip, and asked if it grants access.  The agent told me yes, for all international first class travel.

So I sent my parents to the club with the caveat that I think US Airways considers the Caribbean domestic, but everything else pointed to them being able to go.  And then they were turned away.

I talked to the club agent about this.  Her response was:

“Oh! A lot of our agents think the Dominican Republic is in South America, but it’s not. It’s… an… island?â€


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  1. Amol (@PointsToPointB)

    Same policy as AA

  2. I had that issue flying into PLS in F last year.

  3. “for most US Airways purposes” – what about the companion certificate?

  4. It’s all available on the OneWorld website:

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