How to Handle an Emergency Landing: Take Selfies?

A plane from Portugal to Holland had to make an emergency landing.  The oxygen masks fell and a passenger took the the opportunities to take selfies in the oxygen mask.  Hey, it’s better than panicking!

From the Mirror:

If your flight suddenly goes into descent and Oxygen masks fall from the ceiling, the last thing you’d probably think of doing is taking a picture of youself.

Not this man, who appears to have taken a selfie during what would have been a terrifying incident yesterday and then posted it on Twitter.

The troubled TP668 TAP Portugal flight had taken off from Lisbon in Portugal and was travelling to Amsterdam in Holland.

The Airbus ran into problems west of Paris when the crew declared emergency and initiated an emergency descent, according to the Aviation Herald.

Oxygen masks were released for the 66 passengers onboard.


Here’s the tweet in question:


How do you think you’d handle this situation?  Screaming?  Selfy-ing?  Trying to reach for a shot of something off the beverage cart?



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  1. I’d keep reading or watching a movie on my tablet. Panicking or making a fool of yourself taking selfies won’t change anything.

  2. The opportunity for an in-flight oxygen mask selfie is really rare, so if you get the chance, you gotta go for it. Way better than panicking.

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