Rewards Mall Windfall: 17,000 miles for Ten Bucks

Might Travels posts an offer where getting the basic level of LifeLock can result in a lot of points.

Remember, with deals like these YMMV (your mileage may vary!) so determine what risk level is okay for you.

Since the amount of miles is actually posted, I feel more confident in this than other deals.

Reward mall windfalls can be really nice.  I never got on the US Airways Track-it-Back deal where people received six figures of miles, but I did get on the My Points / OpenSky deal windfall and enjoy my various products I got from OpenSky for less than free, after you take the value I got from my points into consideration.


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  1. Worth a shot. The hubby is always complaining that this hobby puts us at risk for someone stealing our information anyways, so this might put him at ease….at least until my next round of credit card applications 😉

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I think regular shopping puts you at more risk, haha. I’ve received probably four free subscriptions to LL at this point from companies who accidentally gave my info away.

  2. Did you end up signing up for $9.95 or $9? There was a code already inserted in the field that took $1 and I am not sure whether to keep the code or clear it?

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