Victorious German World Cup Team Gets a 747 to Themselves

Apparently one of the perks of winning the World Cup is getting a private flight back home to your victor’s celebration.

From the International Business Times:

Flight LH2014 — an obvious reference to the Cup — took off late Monday afternoon from Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão airport, headed to Berlin with the German squad led by coach Joachim Löw and captain Philipp Lahm. Usually flight 2014 is a short domestic hop from Munich to Düsseldorf flown in a small Airbus, but Monday Lufthansa assigned that number to a VIP flight for the Mannschaft.

The German flag carrier sent to Rio a Boeing 747 sporting a sticker that said “Siegerflieger,†or “the victors’ airplane.†The plane, a 362-seat 747-8 modeldelivered just last year, is one of a handful that Lufthansa decorated with special “Fanhansa†soccer-themed titles ahead of the World Cup.

The team immediately started doing what I think a lot of us would do–take pictures in the cockpit.

Flight tracking software also had special designation for that flight.  Check out the original post to see.


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