Tired of Tropical Fish? Snorkel for Booze!

I won’t admit what search terms I used that brought this up, but I found a resort that has an interesting experience.

They hide bottles of Cruzan Rum in the water so that while you are snorkeling, you have a chance of discovering a bottle of rum.

I think I suddenly want to take up snorkeling.

From news.com.au:

At Bolongo Bay Beach Resort on the idyllic island of St Thomas, a resort that’s part of the US Virgin Islands, snorkellers compete once a week to find rum.

The family-owned resort carries out a weekly rum scavenger hunt, officially (and appropriately) called the “Snorkel Booze Hunt”. The resort hides bottles of Cruzan Rum in the ocean, which is the local rum of the US Virgin Islands that’s distilled on the nearby island of St Croix. Guests have a one in two chance of snagging the local rum, with about half the amount of bottles as guests strategically placed on the ocean floor.

For those ready to really clean up while doing this, apparently there’s a limit of one bottle person finder.  If you find two, you must go put the second back.

Of course, you could hunt for Cruzan in a local liquor store, but would you really feel like you earned it?


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  1. What a bad idea. We are already destroying the reefs with all the hotels. Let’s start disrupting what’s left.

    Between this and your boat burning article I’m guessing being environmentally conscious isn’t high on your list.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      We have multiple authors on this blog. I did not write the second one.

      This particular resort is on US soil, so they have to respect stricter laws than hotels in Jamaica and other areas do. I doubt they can be blatantly destroying the reefs on US soil. If it were other places, I would be suspicious.

    • Geez. Lighten up, Francis.

  2. Dude take a shot of rum and relax….i didnt see anything in there that referenced that they were hiding the rum in the reefs. i love scuba diving in the reefs and am all about protecting such a sacred part of the ocean but this seems like just a different, safe, environmentaly friendly way to have some fun.

  3. I stayed at this resort about 6 years ago & participated in the hunt & found a bottle! It was a lot of fun. And they do hide them in crevices in the reefs!

  4. I stayed at this resort a few years ago. I participated in the event. It was a lot of fun. I actually found a bottle! And yes, they did hide the rum in crevices in the reefs.

  5. Oh wow they hide the bottles in the reef? Great, that reef will be dead in 5 years.

    Please try and promote more responsible options in posts. This sounds just awful.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      We reached out to the hotel via phone and they said they do not hide any rum bottles in any real reef.

  6. Tyler,
    You’re an idiot dude. Why are reading a blog about frequent flying if you’re so “environmentally conscious”, you should be bicycling to your trips, not flying in those darn polluting airplanes. Obviously a caviar communist you are.

  7. Chill out Tyler. If a simple blog post brings you to the point of anger, you probably should be spending your time doing something more positive. I have visited this resort several times over the last 20 years and I can tell you that they are friendly to the environment. Tyler, you’re angry at the wrong things. Look inside man…

  8. @ Kelly-

    To the point of anger? Haha I have never been angry at all, actually far from it. Providing feedback doesn’t make me angry, and I stand by my point that throwing bottles of booze in the water is quite far from benefiting the environment.

    The increase in tourism around the globe and it’s effects on the environment are becoming a major issue. Am I saying we shouldn’t travel? Not at all. But if people acted more conscious when traveling we could preserve what we have.

    Here’s a good cnn article for reference:


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