The Centurion Lounge–Vegas Edition

When the Centurion Lounge in Vegas opened up, I couldn’t wait to try it.  Of course, I was in Vegas *right* before it opened and I didn’t make it out again until now.  (And luckily, I already have more trips to Vegas booked). The Centurion Lounges continue to impress and …

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My First Air Marshal Experience

When you fly a ton, you start amassing interesting experiences.  I sat in first class with a band that I had just seen in concert the night before.  And I had a truck hit my plane. But this was my first experience with an air marshal.   While boarding was …

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New Food and Beverage Offerings Coming to Dulles and Washington-Reagan

New food options are landing at Dulles and Reagan this year.  In addition, Dulles is getting some more shopping options. From the press release: New/Enhanced Options Coming to Dulles International in 2014 Food and Beverage ·         Bar Symon – Michael Symon, co-host of ABC’s The Chew, brings hearty farm-to-table fare ·         D.C. Craft Brews …

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The Worst Film Scenes to Be an Airline Passenger In

IGN has a round up of clips from the worst flights to be a passenger on in movie history.  Check them out here! I was pleased to see that both Zero Hour! and its comedy child, Airplane!  both made the list. Check out the history of Zero Hour! and Airplane! here. The list includes situations ranging …

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Airplane! Quote and Sound Effect Board

Much to the chagrin of everyone around me (sorry Keri!), I have discovered an Airplane! the Movie Quote and Sound Effect sound board.  <insert spit take sound effect here> Airplane! is the movie that almost wasn’t.  It was a spoof of a movie the directors accidentally saw.  For more information …

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New and Improved Terminal A Coming to Reagan National Airport

Terminal A in DCA has been lacking in options.  Its current food options post-security are: Allie’s Deli D.C. Brewhouse Einstein Bros. Bagels Euro Café Fabulously Fresh Jerry’s Subs & Pizza There’s a Samuel Adams Brewhouse pre-security.  Back when I was loyal to Northwest, I spent a lot of time in Terminal …

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My 2am Booty Call from Delta

A few nights ago, my phone rang at 2am. It was Delta. For those who don’t know it, I used to be loyal to Delta (Northwest) when I lived in Michigan.  I just booked a ticket on Delta and cancelled within the one-day refundable window, opting to take a flight …

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