Earn Up to 25,000 US Airways Redeemable Miles When You Fly OneWorld Partners

US Airways has an offer to earn up to 25,000 bonus US Airways Dividend Miles when you fly multiple OneWorld partners.

The chart is:

Number of partners

Bonus miles

1 0
2 500
3 2,500
4 5,000
5 15,000
6+ 25,000

The flights must be operated by a unique partner, and only one flight per airline counts.

This promo is a tough one to hit a lot of miles on.  US Airways does not count as a partner, so your first OneWorld flight results in 0 miles.  The second only results in 500.  So this is only worth it if you are planning to go big, and were going to fly multiple airlines anyway.

Still, it’s worth registering just in case.  Sometimes I’ve accidentally earned bonuses I wasn’t expecting to earn.

Note:  It appears that American Airlines DOES count as a separate airline, which is probably why the first partner earns 0.

Here’s the list of current airlines in the OneWorld alliance.


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    Could I pay you double whatever it would cost you for upgrades if you still have this ability? Email me and let’s talk!!

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