New Food and Beverage Offerings Coming to Dulles and Washington-Reagan

New food options are landing at Dulles and Reagan this year.  In addition, Dulles is getting some more shopping options.

From the press release:

New/Enhanced Options Coming to Dulles International in 2014

Food and Beverage

  • ·         Bar Symon – Michael Symon, co-host of ABC’s The Chew, brings hearty farm-to-table fare
  • ·         D.C. Craft Brews – traditional favorites with selections of local beers
  • ·         Smashburger – handcrafted burgers that are smashed, seared and seasoned to order
  • ·         ‘brb’ (be right burger) – made-to-order gourmet burgers with chef-inspired toppings
  • ·         District ChopHouse – steakhouse classics
  • ·         Carrabba’s Italian Grill – flavorful, handmade Italian dishes
  • ·         Chef Geoff’s – Washington DC’s local favorite chef, serving contemporary cuisine
  • ·         ‘&pizza’ – made-to-order specialty pizzas
  • ·         Potbelly Sandwich Shop – Fresh, fast, and friendly toasted sandwiches
  • ·         Starbucks – fresh-brewed coffee
  • ·         Capitol Grounds Coffee – café with coffee and deli sandwiches


  • ·         Michael Kors – latest jet-set apparel and accessories for women and men
  • ·         Coach – American luxury leather goods
  • ·         L’Occitane – natural beauty products
  • ·         Thomas Pink – British fashion apparel for men and women
  • ·         Chanel – designer beauty and accessories
  • ·         Dior – designer beauty and accessories
  • ·         Lancome – luxury perfumes and cosmetics
  • ·         Burberry – iconic British men’s and women’s apparel and accessories
  • ·         Montblanc – manufacturer of writing instruments, watches, jewelry and leather goods
  • ·         Estee Lauder – luxury perfumes and cosmetics


  • ·         Capitol City Ink
  • ·         The Washington Informer
  • ·         iTravel2

Additional Options Coming to Reagan National in 2014

Terminal A

Terminal B/C

  • ·         &pizza – made-to-order specialty pizzas
  • ·         Taylor Gourmet – local gourmet sandwich shop
  • ·         Grille District – new politically-themed restaurant & bar concept
  • ·         Starbucks – fresh-brewed coffee


Terminal B/C hasn’t ever been as bad as Terminal A in Reagan, but I’m glad to see it getting more food options.

Coach is a bit dangerous for me, so I’m glad it is in Dulles.  I fly out of Reagan usually.  I don’t usually visit airport shops, but definitely swing by on extended delays when I’m bored.  The Body Shop in Dallas has gotten my business prior to the Centurion club (and I’ve oddly never been stuck extendly in Dallas post-Centurion Club opening, but View from the Wing has!)


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  1. Any idea which pier at DCA is getting the Starbucks?

  2. Seriously? A Starbucks? That’s the best Regan could come up with?

  3. There’s a Starbucks now, but it’s airside. There’s not better coffee at the airport.

    American and United no longer share a pier. American/US Airways/Virgin America currently do.

  4. I don’t often fly out of Dulles, but I am excited to see D.C. Craft Brews, and Chef Geoff’s pop up. As for National, almost anything is an improvement there… the concept drawings for Term A look nice!

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