Finding Cheaper Tours for Seeing the Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday, Keri wrote a guide to seeing the Cherry Blossoms in DC.  Where to go, what to eat.

I really recommend checking it out.

What if you prefer to go on a tour rather than go it alone?  I love boat tours myself, so that’s how I’m checking out the cherry blossoms when my family is in town visiting.

Looking at LivingSocial and Groupon, there are a bunch of different options, but I do not recommend getting tour tickets from them.  Some of the tours load up reservations first and only let you on if there’s capacity (so you may have to wait an hour or two for a boat).  For those that let you reserve a time, you usually have to get the tickets, go onto the companies website, and hope the date you wanted is still available by the time you receive your vouchers.

Instead, I recommend using Goldstar.

With Goldstar, not only can you book tickets directly for a time and date, but you can also send special links to your friends to sign up on their own.  They are then added to your reservations.

As a side bar, this is an easy way to organize people going to a baseball game too.  You only need to buy your own tickets and you end up seated together.

Some highlights:
Springtime Harbor Cruise: See the Cherry Blossoms
Patriot II in SW (Washington, DC)
a close-up of pink flowers

Fri, Apr 4 @ 1:15pm
Sat, Apr 5 @ 11:30am
and 13 more dates.
FULL PRICE: $30.00
OUR PRICE: COMP – $15.00

It’s been a long, hard winter, but now it’s making way for spring. Climb aboard the Patriot II, a multi-million dollar high-speed catamaran, and set sail on the Potomac, taking in the sights of the capitol,…

Cherry Blossom Walking Tour: Blossom Secrets Stroll

Washington, D.C. Metro Area (Washington, DC)
a tree with pink flowers

Sat, Apr 5 @ 2:00pm
Fri, Apr 11 @ 11:00am
and 1 more dates.

FULL PRICE: $15.00
OUR PRICE: $7.50
The annual cherry blossom display in Washington, D.C. is guaranteed to dazzle your senses. People travel from all over the world to see the trees when their blooms burst forth with magnificent beauty each… Learn More.Great Cherry Blossom Scavenger Hunt of Washington, D.C.

DC-Metro Area (Washington, DC)
a woman standing on a sidewalk by a lake

Sat, Apr 12 @ Noon

FULL PRICE: $59.50
OUR PRICE: $29.50
This fun and exciting scavenger hunt that will have you searching for items while navigating through Washington, D.C. landmarks and the tidal basin, home of the blooming cherry trees. You and your team will… Learn More.Another benefit over Groupon and LivingSocial is they have a review system so you can read about people’s experiences using the company you are booking with.

Please note, if you use my affiliate link at the top of the post to sign up, I do receive a $1 credit off service fees for one ticket for each successful referral.  This will never result in me getting a ticket for free, so I promise I’m not posting this to be rich–though if I have $1 off the next set of Washington Nationals tickets I purchase, I may use it to get a hot dog on $1 hot dog day.  Mmm… ball park hot dogs…


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