The Centurion Lounge–Vegas Edition

When the Centurion Lounge in Vegas opened up, I couldn’t wait to try it.  Of course, I was in Vegas *right* before it opened and I didn’t make it out again until now.  (And luckily, I already have more trips to Vegas booked).

The Centurion Lounges continue to impress and spoil me.  I would even say that the Centurion Lounge in Vegas is the Vegas experience people hope to get while here.

I was here for breakfast and the bartenders here were really proactive in making sure the mimosas did not go low at your table.

2014-04-16 09.57.18

The food selection was amazing.  Some of you may have seen me tweeting about the Hyatt Regency Boston’s raspberry chocolate chip pancakes.  (I miss you, pancakes.  Call me!)  I found a rival.  The Centurion Lounge has banana pancakes with a pecan butter sauce.  I was skeptical of the sauce and it turned out to be incredible.  Not too heavy or thick with enough sweetness to make it a great topping for pancakes.

2014-04-16 09.34.22

The potatoes were made with crispy pancetta, which I was expecting (and was pleasantly surprised by).

2014-04-16 09.34.26


2014-04-16 09.34.31


Poached eggs in a tomato sauce.

2014-04-16 09.34.41


Light fruit and yogurt options too.

2014-04-16 09.34.36


Plus lots of garnishes.

I was here in the morning, so I’m not sure how common this is, but the lounge was really empty.  There were so many different choices for chair-types that I felt overwhelmed at deciding where to sit.  This is similar to the DFW Centurion Lounge.    I love the different nooks each of them have to hide out in.

2014-04-16 09.57.03

Having breakfast here was such a great experience, I’m considering suggesting to my friends we go here for breakfast before our flight on my next trip rather than do one of the champagne brunches at the hotel.  The selection is definitely not as large as the champagne brunches, but the food was great and the drinks were well crafted.

The Centurion Lounge is $50 per person with an AmEx and is complimentary for Centurion and Platinum card holders (a departure from previous Vegas Centurion club rules, when it was only free for Centurion card holders).

Given drinks of the Centurion Lounge quality are equal to the $25 drinks I was drinking in Vegas, I recommend (especially if you are flying American/US Airways, which is the same terminal) paying the $50 for access and showing up early!


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  1. Alex (@NoviceFlyer)

    I tried the one in DFW back in December. I really liked it. I had to pay the $50 but it was well worth it for my 2 hr layover. It got full fast though, with everyone and their families pouring in one after the other. It felt like the Delta Skylounge at JFK.. crowded and noisy after about 45 mins though :(..

  2. Checked out the Centurion Club in Dallas a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed especially comparing the club to the different airline clubs in the states. Everyone was very nice and you are right the drinks were really good. Positive experience for sure.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It does get crowded there! Dallas is less of a slam dunk because I do business travel through there and am not looking to drink, but overall feel it is still worth it.

  3. Amex has a slam dunk in these lounges. With more sure to open the loss of the lounge benefit is certainly mitigated.

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