Why Your Baggage May Be “Lost” on US Airways

I’ve run into this a few times with US Airways now and I realized a simple search after each flight on US Airways can save you from needless waiting.

Your baggage does not necessarily fly on the same plane as you.  If you check in early and there’s room on the flight before you, your baggage might get to “move up” for free, even if you don’t!

When this happens–at least on US Airways–my baggage lands early and tends to end up in the baggage office.  A few times, I waited a while at a baggage carousel for a bag that never came.

Luckily, US Airways lets you track your bags on-line.

My baggage lands sooner than me on most of my shuttle flights on US Airways (DCA-BOS usually).  When the plane land, I proactively pull up the baggage tracker and find my bags:

baggage tracker us airways


I went straight to the baggage office and found my bags.  When I passed by the luggage carousel for my flight, I saw some people looking at the bags coming out with confusion and I suggested they check the baggage office.  There were a lot of bags there and I don’t think it is intuitive to check there first when your flight has a baggage carousel attached to it!


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  1. Nice post. I’ve never had this happen to me as I don’t usually check in more than an hour ahead at mostly non-US hubs but good to know. I did notice that this is part of the iPhone US air app as well.

  2. love your blog. Have learned so much from it.
    Unable to find on Google where to apply fo
    r the TSA Precheck. Can you refer me? Thank you.

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