Why AAA is Better than Diamond with Hyatt Sometimes

2013-04-24 10.07.02In addition to being a card-carrying Diamond member with Hyatt, I’m also a AAA member.

I’ve been a AAA member even though I just bought my first car in four years.

While Hyatt offers a Diamond rate at many properties, I’ve more commonly received a discount through AAA.  But that isn’t the only benefit.

While I like having Regency Club access, when you are a Diamond staying at a hotel with a RC, you take a continental breakfast up there.  Alcohol isn’t included, so it doesn’t turn into the champagne breakfast brunch that Keri and I once had at an Intercontinental Lounge.

When there isn’t a RC, you get to take breakfast through another manner, sometimes only in the restaurant and sometimes through room service (which is always enticing to me 😉 ).  The Hyatt Regency Boston doesn’t have a Regency Club and I fell in love with the raspberry chocolate chip pancakes that were made to order at the breakfast that was included.  (Note to the chef manning the pancake station:  Don’t worry–when I proposed, it was to the pancakes, not to you).

I’m staying at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in the San Diego Gaslight District this week.  My Regency Club access gets me a continental breakfast upstairs–which is fine, I’m not complaining–but my AAA card gets me access to the Hyatt Breakfast rate.  Breakfast for two in their restaurant is included in my rate.

While the Regency Club is really convenient, it is nice to have a real breakfast before a long day of work.  And it was my AAA rate that got me that, not my Diamond status.

Please note, you must book the AAA Breakfast Rate to get this benefit.  It isn’t always available, but I’ve seen it most times when booking stays.


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  1. Your exactly right ! I am also a Diamond but when booking I always look at the AAA rate before and it works. There are less restrictions as well.

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