New and Improved Terminal A Coming to Reagan National Airport

Terminal A in DCA has been lacking in options.  Its current food options post-security are:

  • Allie’s Deli
  • D.C. Brewhouse
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Euro Café
  • Fabulously Fresh
  • Jerry’s Subs & Pizza

There’s a Samuel Adams Brewhouse pre-security.  Back when I was loyal to Northwest, I spent a lot of time in Terminal A.  Rather than go through security when I got to the airport, I’d hang out in the Sam Adams Brewhouse until just before boarding.  You can see the security line from the restaurant, so I could make sure things never got too crowded to make it.

Delta/Northwest are no longer in that terminal, but people flying JetBlue and Soutwest/Airtran can expect to spend a lot of time there.

Luckily, there are some changes coming to Terminal A.

From the press release:

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority announced Wednesday at its monthly board of directors meeting that full-service dining, publicly accessible iPads and charging stations and an expanded lineup of food, beverage and retail options will be part of the newest passenger comforts incorporated into the nine-gate terminal. The redesigned Terminal A, which originally opened more than 40 years ago, will also boast the airport’s first full-service spa.

Airports Authority CEO Jack Potter told the board that a joint venture of two companies, OTG and BMG, has been selected to manage the Terminal A concessions development, working with MarketPlace Development, the Authority’s main contractor for concessions management.

“OTG has more than 17 years of experience in 10 airports,†Potter said, adding that “BMG is also an experienced operator, with food and beverage locations in New York and Boston. We plan to create a food and retail experience in Terminal A featuring restaurants affiliated with well-known chefs, and we plan to engage with local community partnerships to provide experience for under-served young adults who aspire to pursue careers in culinary services.â€

The changes in Terminal A are expected to start this Spring.

Here are some conceptual images of how it will look post-security:



New Terminal A


Based on those images, it looks like it will feel more spacious.  And I can tell you, I definitely will not miss “Euro Cafe”.


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  1. a 747 in the last rendering at dca huh?
    That would make for an interesting landing 🙂

  2. Is that a 747 in the background of that one picture? At LGA?!

  3. Gotta love the 747 at Gate 9…

  4. Interesting that they have a 744 parked outside in the render.

  5. Someone needs to pick up the former Northwest Club pre-security.

    And they need to do something with the actual old terminal space that’s now just sometimes used for private events, and not just the banjo.

  6. Jeanne Marie Hoffman

    Great plane spotting everyone!

  7. Did Einstein’s move? It was pre-security back when I used to travel weekly on Frontier. That was back when they still had free cookies though! I know they’ve been talking about expanding security in the terminal so I wasn’t sure if moving Einstein’s was part of the change.

    Food options are even more limited than it seems since the brewhouse serves food from the deli.

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