I’d Pay Extra for Real Cream — What Are Your Hotel Must Haves?

coffee with creamWhen I travel for work, I try to set up my hotel routine to be as much like home as possible.  I get up at the same time (even on the West Coast) and I go to bed at the same time.

I even have the same morning routine.  I check the news while drinking my coffee.

I’m a cream in the coffee type of girl.  And as strange as it sounds, my routine just doesn’t feel right if I have coffeemate or even those little non-refrigerated cream pods.

If my cream-less hotel has a refrigerator, I’ll pick up some half and half for myself.   But if a hotel has real cream, I realized I end up liking it a little bit better.

 In fact, I think that’s the reason why I liked the Air Space Lounge so much.

What it ultimately comes down to is, I love feeling like I’m at home when I’m traveling.  And cream is what it takes to feel like I’m at home.  And this makes me like a hotel more.

Especially since my trips for work are so short and quick.  Having cream already there makes me feel like my schedule isn’t impacted at all in the same way.

But if a hotel told me, we don’t normally serve cream with coffee, but for $X, we’ll make sure it’s in your room–I’d be all over that!

How about you?  What are your must-haves when traveling?  What item automatically makes a hotel worth more in your eyes?


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  1. Same! Cannot stand the powdered cream in rooms.

  2. Some hotels, if you just ask them via email, they’ll sometimes have cream waiting in your room when you arrive. We did this at a mid-level Marriott-owned (Courtyard, I think) in the UK: wife loves clotted cream – they had emailed us with a ‘if there’s anything you need’ email. When we arrived, they had clotted cream and scones along with a fruit plate — all free — waiting for us. We were very happy.

  3. Guess I meant that they’ll have anything you ask for waiting for you as long as it does not cost more than a few units of the local currency.

  4. I could not agree more. Powder is not the same at all.

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