Breaking News: Travelers Hate Waiting

J.D. Power’s travel survey discovered this shocking statistic…. Passengers hate waiting. From the LA Times: “The annual study that surveyed 11,370 travelers who flew in the previous 12 months found that satisfaction with an airline was 41 points lower if the flier had to wait 15 minutes or longer to …

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Swiss International Airlines Certified “Allergy-friendly”

“Allergy-friendly” is a funny way to put it, but Swiss International Airlines just became the first airline to get that certification from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. According to NBC: The airline has removed fresh flowers from the cabins and, starting May 1, all Swiss flights will offer lactose- …

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Review of The Club at PHX

I’ve been trying to use a lot of lounges I get with my Priority Pass Select membership with my American Express Platinum card.  In a nutshell, the card once provided American Airlines and US Airways lounge access to its card holders.  Now the card, with a hefty yearly fee of …

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Another Website Bug on Delta

Back in February, I pointed out a bug on Delta’s website that shows a cancelled flight and a rebooked flight that was in the wrong direction. Today I got a strange alert from Delta.  They are really worried about me missing my connection from today’s flight.  On Sunday. My flight …

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Where Should I Spend $500?

You guys were so helpful with Keri’s post asking where she should go this year, so I thought I’d throw out this question. I received a $500 voucher for being bumped on US Airways.  It has to be used on one ticket and my planned travel is falling around the $300 mark. …

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Spirit Gets First Place in Complaints… and Profits

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier that is not-so-low-cost if you get caught up in its fees.  Apparently this model is working for them. Despite being #1 in complaints, they are also #1 in profits. According to the LA Times: “The Unfriendly Skies,” a report by the U.S. Public Interest …

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The TSA Doesn’t Understand Women’s Undergarments

Underwire Bra & Airport Security When I went through pre-check, I set off the metal detector.  When a pat-down revealed nothing on my person (and I was already barefoot), the TSA agents had me go through the metal detector.  I still set it off. The male TSA agent there asked me, “Do …

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