Where Should I Spend $500?

Jeanne Alaska MooseYou guys were so helpful with Keri’s post asking where she should go this year, so I thought I’d throw out this question.

I received a $500 voucher for being bumped on US Airways.  It has to be used on one ticket and my planned travel is falling around the $300 mark.  So I’m trying to think creatively about how to maximize the travel (and perhaps miles!) I get out of this $500.  I probably wouldn’t do a straight up mileage run and stay somewhere for a couple of days.

My business travel also has been  mostly east coast so far this year, so I’m definitely behind where I was last year in terms of EQMs!

So, I throw the question to you–how should I use my $500 voucher?  Bonus points for actual itineraries.

Disclaimer: Bonus points are meaningless.


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  1. First thought was what I did last year with a bump which was Montreal for a long weekend. Lots of history and art around the city. Are you a big shopper? How about Minneapolis/St Paul for a long weekend and trip to the Mall of America. There are lots of other things to do.

  2. If that means 1 Roundtrip ticket, can you expand into a multi city ticket?

  3. Tack it on to another trip to take a side trip to the gulf coast, like Miami so you can take a cheap cruise.

  4. I’m in the same boat. $500 voucher I need to use by September. I’m thinking about applying it towards a ticket to Italy this Summer, so I can maximize the amount of miles I earn on the flight purchased with the voucher, plus use my Chairman’s Certificates to upgrade to Envoy..But in your case, since you state you only have a few days, I’d definitely try and fly out west to use the whole voucher and maximize miles. I’m sure you’ve been to California from your work travels, so perhaps you could check out flying into a smaller airport like ABQ, then doing a bit of a road trip around the Four Corners states, finish at the Grand Canyon, and fly back from FLG? Or maybe fly into Jackson Hole, and check out Yellowstone for a few days?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I never used my Chairman cert last year, so that’s a good idea! I’ve also always wanted to go to ABQ or somewhere in Montana, so that’s a really good idea too.

  5. DCA-CLT-AUA would be another great place to go with only a few days to go somewhere. It’s only a few hours of flying, you’re not dealing with any time change from EST, and you don’t have to worry about hurricanes potentially ruining the trip if you should decide to travel there in the Summer, since it’s out of the hurricane belt.

  6. First off. Where’s home? If you haven’t done the canyon then with US’ hub in Phx that might be a good place to end up. Sedona is even nicer. If you want to max your 500, use it as a credit for an international ticket, that way you get the full 500 and big miles, just have to be careful with the destination.

  7. Depends on how much time off you can manage.

  8. Texas. Duh. 😉

  9. Key West is always expensive to fly in to but is great for a 2-3 day trip! Same for Quebec, Montreal, or Toronto!

  10. How about Portland, Oregon? Lots of nice miles and it’s a gorgeous city with lots to do.

  11. Have you thought about Mexico City? There is a non-stop from Charlotte. Best Anthropology Museum (free on Sundays) Pyramids (Teotihuacan), Gastronomy ( Biko & Pujol World Top 50 on San Pellegrino list + Astrid & Gaston (they won for LIMA)) to think of a few things

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