Another Website Bug on Delta

Back in February, I pointed out a bug on Delta’s website that shows a cancelled flight and a rebooked flight that was in the wrong direction.

Today I got a strange alert from Delta.  They are really worried about me missing my connection from today’s flight.  On Sunday.

delta flight status alert

My flight delay is on the last leg of my trip.  The flight it is worried about me making?

delta delayed flight


My flight in three days, on Sunday.  I think I’ll manage, Delta.

When I hit “find other flights,” it errors.  Which makes sense since I don’t need to adjust my Sunday flight due to my Thursday flight being delayed.

Strange.  But appears to be harmless.

At least they didn’t booty call me again.

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  1. Amol (@PointsToPointB)

    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature 😛

    In all seriousness, I’ve been able to take a 1-minute delay and get a much more beneficial routing by switching flights for free.

  2. Another tip. NEVER EVER hit find other flights! So much can go wrong. Outside the reservation look for the perfect flights you want and then CALL Delta to avoid problems and get just what you want.

  3. The other day they e-mailed me asking how I coped with my “cancelled flight”…except that I was already back home and none of my flights were even delayed, much less cancelled?!

  4. I had a delay last week and it kept telling me that not to worry they had booked me on another flight…the same flight I was on that was delayed. Very helpful! I had to call to change and when I did, the rebook agent told me not to worry, I was already rebooked…on the same flight I was on that was delayed! It took about 3 times to explain that flight was delayed; I’m hoping she was new.

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