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I’ve been trying to use a lot of lounges I get with my Priority Pass Select membership with my American Express Platinum card.  In a nutshell, the card once provided American Airlines and US Airways lounge access to its card holders.  Now the card, with a hefty yearly fee of $450, only directly offers lounge access to Delta flyers in Delta lounges and the Centurion lounges for all flyers.

But through the Priority Pass Select membership that comes with the card, people can access a variety of additional lounges.  I’m making a concerted effort to try out these lounges so I can try to gauge how much I value my AmEx Platinum card (and whether I should keep it).

The Club at PHX is relatively new.  When you walk in, it does not look all that impressive.

The Club at PHX


The chairs aren’t as comfortable as some lounges and it feels small.  But the staff was incredibly kind and helpful.

There’s a spread of light snacks and they don’t serve anything more than that to Priority Pass members.

The Club at PHX


The most impressive thing about it was its drink selection.  As a US Airways flyer, I’m used to getting off-chardonnay for free in the lounge.  I tend to like drinking bubbly.  I was happy that not only did they serve bubbly for free here (along with an extensive list of liquor), they also served a brand I like.

The Club at PHX


Just like hotels when I get cream for my coffee, having cava instantly boosted my impression of the lounge.

The snacks were light in the lounge, but I did appreciate the variety within the selection of chips/popcorn/cookies:

The Lounge at PHX

These baskets were scattered around the lounge in various places.

The one thing that really threw me about this lounge is that it does not have a bathroom.  This is one thing I really value about lounge access–not having to worry about a dirty airport bathroom while trying to manage your bags.

But it did not end up being as big of a deal as I originally thought.  There’s a bathroom to the right outside of the lounge and it was pretty empty and clean.  I don’t think it’s really obvious there’s a restroom there, which keeps the crowds away.

I left my stuff in the lounge when I used it and everything was fine.

Overall, it’s a place I’ll stop in if I’m in the mood to have a drink.  But especially when they are serving their mushroom brie soup at night, I’ll stick to the US Airways Lounge otherwise for its relative comfort and restrooms.


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  1. “I tend to like drinking bubbly” Me too!

    Thanks for the review. I’ll be passing through here in the not so far distant future. So its good to see the selection is palatable.

  2. thanks for the update used my diners card for entrance

  3. NO BATHROOM INSIDE THE LOUNGE! WOW. That’s one of the main reasons I like to go to airport lounges. Good to know. Sounds like this could be a “good” lounge however.
    Thanks for the review.

  4. Nice review! Using it this June! It seems like it is better than the club at PHL (at least food selection is better). Are there multiple US clubs at PHX though?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      This is a club called The Club, which is near the A terminal US Airways club. There are a few US Airways clubs in PHX.

  5. This lounge actually isn’t new at all, it’s the British Airways lounge, but now a contract lounge. The furniture is identical to what was there previously. Also, the lounge is only a priority pass lounge from 9-3, and then it turns into the BA lounge in the evenings. So for your evenings, you wouldn’t have access to it unless you are flying BA or are a BA gold/silver card holder. The restroom is unmarked from the lower level, which is why it’s used almost exclusively by people using the lounge.

  6. I forgot to mention, the really nice thing about this lounge is that it’s often empty, whereas the Admirals Clubs are often packed at PHX. I have the club to myself this morning.

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