Kindle Travel Power Adapter + $2 MP3 Credit for $2

Just a note that Amazon is selling a fold-up kindle adapter for $2.

This also comes with $2 MP3 credit on Amazon, so if you buy music from Amazon frequently and have Amazon Prime, it’s a wash.

The Travel Adapter folds up, which is nice because it will keep the prongs from catching on other items in your bag.

Amazon Kindle

I use my Kindle adapter to charge my cell phone, which is also a micro-USB–but please note.  This is JUST the plug that goes into the wall.  It does not include the cord to attach the adapter to your device.

Here are the Ts&Cs on the MP3 Credit.

This doesn’t release until September 30th, so you will not get charged right away, and you will not receive it right away.

(h/t Slick Deals)

Disclaimer: If you make a purchase using my Amazon links, I receive a small affiliate credit.  As usual, I appreciate your support and take no offense if you prefer to not to use my link!


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