Delta Uses Different Words to Mean Things Than the Rest of the World flew Delta yesterday (gasp!  Don’t worry, US Airways, I still love you, and I still remember that romantic Valentine’s Day where I got stranded mid-travel and you promised to be my valentine).

But when I flew them, I realized Delta uses different words than we would use to describe things.

For example, when my flight got delayed, it notified me that there was a schedule change on our flight.  AKA, what everyone else calls a delay.

But the funniest phraseology I heard from Delta was when they made an announcement about a flight that was supposed to board right before my plane.

They announced:  “There’s been a change to flight XXXX due to a staffing issue.  Please see a gate agent to have your boarding pass reissued.”

I looked up and repeated, “reissued?!” out loud.  The gentleman near me said, “Well, I guess my flight is delayed.”  I said that I thought it was a heck of a lot more if they were reissuing your boarding pass.

Turns out the plane had been struck by lightning.

I guess, depending on your definition of employees/people and given that pilots tend to personify their planes, you could stretch and call that a “staffing issue.”

But I’d rephrase it as, Your plane is FUBARed–now commence the mad rush to the gate!


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  1. And the part where the “staffing” was mostly them getting extra agents to the gate to handle that the aircraft swap meant they were oversold by 40 passengers. 😉

  2. the lightning strike probably was not the problem, cleaning the “skid marks” off some of the seats was.

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