The List’s Coverage of the Dreamliner

Conor Knighton of the TV show The List came along on the flight of United’s brand new 787 Dreamliner. He does a good job of explaining the plane, at some point, describing it as a tube of plastic 😛  (It actually makes sense!) If you look closely, you can catch …

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I’m NUTS About Airline Snack Mix

Many of the snack mixes you enjoy on airlines like American, United and US Airways are produced by King Nut.  I got a little too excited when I saw they have a Black Friday Sale this week and then immediately disappointed when I found out it did not apply to …

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My Adventure on the New 787 Dreamliner

I know you shouldn’t lead a post with your favorite part–you should build up to excitement.  But I can’t wait!  Here’s a photo of me in the cockpit of the 787 Dreamliner: This exciting adventure began when we were allowed to board an empty 787 Dreamliner. (Eee!) I got to …

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Cross Country Fares for $163 on Southwest

I already have my travel booked up through the next few months, but for anyone looking to fly from IAD to SFO, for example, the Southwest 40% off sale may be right up your alley.  (Promo Code: BIGDEAL40 )  Travel Between Nov. 28 – Dec. 12, 2012 & Jan. 7 …

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