I’m NUTS About Airline Snack Mix

Many of the snack mixes you enjoy on airlines like American, United and US Airways are produced by King Nut.  I got a little too excited when I saw they have a Black Friday Sale this week and then immediately disappointed when I found out it did not apply to their airline mixes.  (BLKFriday12 for 5% off Holiday Mixes).

But I figured someone out there has to share my love of airline snack mixes.  And you can get them here. 

My favorite is the US Airways Savory Snack Mix.  I buy it in the bulk size, and easy to go single packets.

a close-up of several bags of savory snack mix
I didn’t consider how odd this might be until I had some people over for wine and snacks.  When the snack food ran out, I passed out US Airways branded packs of Snack Mix.

There was a long silence, and finally someone piped up, “Jeanne, I think you have a problem…”

Problem or no problem, these snacks are delicious!


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  1. Yes! I love the nut mixes and cashew packs! I didn’t even think I liked cashews until I tried the salted cashews.

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