Checking out the Brand New 787 Dreamliner!

I know I gave you a preview of the Dreamliner in an earlier post—I was too excited to wait!  But I figured I would go more in-depth about my experience in United’s newest addition to their fleet.

We arrived at the San Francisco airport (SFO) with a huge crowd of people also going on the Dreamliner.  They were all elites like us, so our normal methods of checking in were thwarted.

This also means that the United Club was more crowded than I had ever seen it:


It was loud in there!  And there was lots of excitement about the upcoming trip.

Keri and I were among the few people who got to board first, so we left and headed to the gate early.  At the gate, taunting us, was the 787 Dreamliner.


It hid behind the plane, just peaking out.  Was it shy?

And Keri and I waited (im)patiently to get to see the interior:


Then it was time!  We could board the plane!




I snuck into Business for a few photos.  Shh…





Sweet! An amenity kit!


Even though we were in Economy Plus, we were all served the Business Meal.

Our appetizer:


Melon, prosciutto, and mozzarella with bread and salad.

We had the choice between chicken with rice or a porkchop with mushroom souffle.


I got the porkchop, which was HUGE.  It was delicious, but I don’t think I even ate half of it.


Dessert was a ghiradelli chocolate cake.  I chose to have wine with it in lieu of coffee.  That’s just how I rolled that day.

On our second flight, we received breakfast. We had the choice between eggs or french toast.  I enthusiastically went for the eggs.


It came with turkey sausage (eh…) and a potato cake (mmm!).  The eggs were great as well.  I would love to try that potato cake again!  There was a blueberry muffin that I think was a last minute change.  It came with butter and strawberry jam, which just… didn’t make sense.  Maybe the original plan was toast or a biscuit?

The in-flight entertainment system had a game section where you could play against people on the flight.  I love trivia, and there was a trivia game where we could play each other.  It was really cool because we were all hanging out on the plane, more so than you would normally, and we were all getting competitive about it.


I was constantly vying for first place with ScubaFlyer behind me.


It was getting to the point where everyone playing was cheering or groaning loudly after each question.  We take our triva seriously.

Then out of nowhere, someone named “Gorgon†started playing and was ruling the scoreboard.


It got to the point where we all teamed up in hopes one person would beat this Gorgon.  I even yelled, “Gorgon! SHOW YOURSELF!†but we could not locate this mystery player.

We finally had Gorgon in our sights.  We were so close, and then:


We ended up frozen.  I was in a game, never able to quit, waiting for players who would never arrive (<sigh>).  I guess there were so many of us playing that we ended up breaking the system.  Oops!  Sorry, United!

This helped with the pain:


And now for some random shots around the plane!  (If you would like to be labeled/named, just let me know.  I didn’t want to stick people’s names in willynilly).







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  1. Great times! Loved your trip report. I’m already looking forward to the next MegaDO.

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