Elite Status

I Got Targeted for Triple Miles by US Airways

…for Land’s End. Immediately after Keri got her email offering triple elite qualifying miles on US Airways, I received an email myself. Sweet!  Triple miles?!  I’ll re-qualify for Chairman in no time.  I’ll just be packing up my things to do a quick mileage run and I’ll be al…. wait …

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SpikeTV Must Be a Diamond Guest

How do you let people know you are important and mean business? Bring your giraffe. SpikeTV is kind of a big deal.  In their words, “So big we brought a giraffe.” (He wore a bowtie, bowties are cool.) Word on the street is SpikeTV also demanded a helipad and a …

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Awkward Hilton Breakfast Amenity

I may not be going for Hilton status anymore, but I do still have it and recently stayed at a Hilton.  Something about free breakfast in the morning is amazing.  (It is tastier because it’s free!)  But I do really like the way the Four Seasons and Hyatt handle their …

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