SpikeTV Must Be a Diamond Guest

How do you let people know you are important and mean business?

Bring your giraffe.

SpikeTV is kind of a big deal.  In their words, “So big we brought a giraffe.”

(He wore a bowtie, bowties are cool.)

Word on the street is SpikeTV also demanded a helipad and a suite, and had an American Idol in tow.

E3 expressed concerns regarding legal and physical limitations.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about…


Hat tip to reader Matt C. for the link to the giraffe!


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  1. omg that giraffe vine is so cute!!!

  2. The xtranormal video is awesome, except for the 2:30 bit about economics.

    Now, I’m sure the Westin in Atlanta will be much more understanding about my need for a giraffe-sitter and a helipad. If not, it’s not that far to the DoubleTree.

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