I Got Targeted for Triple Miles by US Airways

…for Land’s End.

Immediately after Keri got her email offering triple elite qualifying miles on US Airways, I received an email myself.

US Airways Dividend Miles Triple

Sweet!  Triple miles?!  I’ll re-qualify for Chairman in no time.  I’ll just be packing up my things to do a quick mileage run and I’ll be al…. wait a second.

Triple Miles on Lands End


I can get triple miles at Lands’ End.

In all seriousness now, I was not expecting to get targeted by the same offer Keri was, and I haven’t been.  I’ve been a bit too loyal to US Airways for them to go after my business.  Which makes good marketing sense.

But makes me pout!  I missed business travel because of the wedding this year, so I’ll be stretching.


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