Lufthansa Business Class from FRA-JFK

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I hopped back from Frankfurt to New York to JFK instead of going back to Newark.  But everything was the same.

Same plane. Same configuration (the old one). Same seat.

Seriously. I wish I checked the serial number. Possibly the same plane. Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to JFK
Seriously. I wish I checked the serial number. Possibly the same plane.

Since we were flying in the opposite direction, the menu changed.

My mother and I both ordered the prawns with an avocado sauce along with a salad.  I didn’t eat my salad, as per usual.  (Bad Jeanne.  BAD Jeanne.  No dessert for yo… oh wait, I still got dessert.)


We definitely diverged from each other on the entrees.

IMG_0655 Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to JFK

I got the beef tenderloin with beef cheek and polenta, which was good but a tad bit too salty for me.  My caveat is I tend not to eat too much salt.

IMG_0657 Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to JFK

My mother got the vegetarian stuffed zucchini and enjoyed it.

When the dessert cart came around, I really couldn’t resist.

I opted for a Passion Fruit Flan.  It was sweet and tasty.


My mom opted for the cheese plate for dessert.

IMG_0658 Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to JFK

As the flight got closer to JFK, they came around with a snack option.  It ended up being a Thai Stew.


As I ate a few bites, it became really clear this dish was way too spicy for me.  And my mom seemed to have the same reaction.  I love thai food, but I fail at being able to effectively eat really spicy food.  We each had a few tasty bites, then had to give up because our mouths were on fire!  Please note: Keri has seen mild wings defeat me.

I can’t claim we were hungry though.  We ate so much in the lounge, even for the length of the flight, we were good.  We were I-had-three-pretzels-good.


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  1. Three-pretzels-good….is that an exact unit of measurement in Germany?

  2. the desserts look nice. was never a fan of the food lufthansa serves in C. Their F offerings are fantastic. What did you think of the seats? they are one of my least favorite business class seats on the transatlantic. I am glad to see they are putting in new ones.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The seats kept making my legs fall asleep on the “default recline setting” and was awful. I was able to get it a bit better by just manually hitting lean back, and lifting the legs. I don’t know how they think their “recline setting” is comfortable at all.

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