Awkward Hilton Breakfast Amenity

I may not be going for Hilton status anymore, but I do still have it and recently stayed at a Hilton.  Something about free breakfast in the morning is amazing.  (It is tastier because it’s free!)  But I do really like the way the Four Seasons and Hyatt handle their free breakfasts.

My free breakfast at the Four Seasons Las Vegas came with a discrete envelope that let me know the charges and add tip.  They didn’t take it until they removed my tray, which eliminated the awkward moment where you sign the receipt right in front of the person bringing you your food.

Hyatt doesn’t even always bring a receipt.  The breakfast can be inconsistent, but even at its most inconsistent, is extremely generous.

Hilton Gold at the Boston Financial District came with continental breakfast.  I am really happy about getting this because Gold isn’t top tier with Hilton.  So my friend and I went down to breakfast.

The coupons for breakfast clearly said that tip was not included.

Caution: You MAY starve to death if you eat this.
Caution: You MAY starve to death if you eat this.

While we were being seated, the hostess reminded us that tip isn’t included and warned us that not much food was included, so we might want to order eggs for $8 extra.  We thanked her and were seated for our coffee.

The waitress stopped by, reminded us that tip isn’t included, and warned us that not much food was included, so we might want to order eggs for $8 extra.  We thanked the waitress as well.  I noticed our menus explained the same thing.

We went up, grabbed some food, then sat down again.  The waitress came back, said, now, that’s not much food is it, and told us we would want to order eggs for $8 extra.  We declined, ate, and left a tip.

I enjoyed the breakfast, and it filled me up.  But I couldn’t help walking away with the feeling that I did something wrong in their eyes by not ordering eggs to go with my breakfast.  Are they required to try to up-sell breakfast?   In that case, the free breakfast feels more like a marketing tactic than a reward for being a loyal elite member.

I enjoyed my stay at the Hilton Financial District Boston overall, but if you went there and tried the eggs, please let me know if I missed out on a magical opportunity.


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