Fly 6 US Airways Shuttle segments and earn 18,000 miles

New Girl in the Air posted a new US Airways mileage special that’s perfect for people (like me) living in a shuttle location.

Between November 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013, earn 6,000 miles for 3 shuttle flights, and 12,000 more for 6 shuttle flights.  These miles are not elite qualifying, but are a quick boost to anyone traveling along the east coast routes.

If a shuttle flight is part of an itinerary, it counts.  And 3 shuttle flights means flat out flights, not round trips.  So one round-trip flight gets you two-thirds of the way to a bonus.

Register here.  Please remember that when your regular miles post, it will probably take 1-2 more weeks before your bonus miles post.

If you happen to fly between New York and Boston, New Girl in the Air also pointed out that those fares are really cheap.  I’ve flown round trip to Boston for $120 many times.  And if (ahem) any friends (ahem) in Boston want to visit (ahem), this is a good way to earn miles and have drinks with a (ahem) fab duo!

I travel to New York a lot, but I usually fly into HPN.  This is making me temporarily reconsider that, though flights into LGA tend to be more expensive.  They are also more reliable, so that’s another bonus towards LGA.


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