Watch a Boeing 727 Crash on TV Tonight

Catch Discovery Channel intentionally crashing a Boeing 727 at 9pm Eastern tonight. I love the show Mythbusters, but I have to admit–a lot of the draw is that they intentionally blow things up.  So, of course, an intentional plane crash is right up my alley. According to the NY Daily …

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Man Ends Up Lone Passenger On Plane After Delays

A confused passenger took a picture of his plane after he was the sole passenger to board.  It turns out his plane was delayed for hours, and while all the rest of the passengers asked to be re-booked on other flights, he was the lone-passenger to wait it out. Here’s …

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Some TSA Agents Are Polite

silhouette of people walking in an airport terminal

Chris Elliott highlighted some cases of TSA gone bad last week and gave tips on things you should never say.  I do not agree with the process of transportation security, always opt out of scanners, and really dread the enhanced pat downs.  But I have come across some really polite …

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Has Anyone Ever Given Your Seat Away?

Keri and I are the types of people who may put too much thought into seat selection.  When we booked a flight on a CRJ together recently, we debated whether row 2 was better (get off the plane as fast as humanly possible) or the exit row (your knees will …

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