Finding Cheap Flights with Flexible Travel Dates

Someone asked me on Twitter how to find cheap travel if you are very flexible about what dates you can take the trip. Here are some resources we posted previously, all related to cheap travel.  Feel free to post your own tips! Finding the Perfect (Cheapest) Time to Take Your Trip …

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Vote Now! US Airways or American Airlines?

Ed from Pizza in Motion has posted a poll where you can vote on who has the better upgrade process:  US Airways or American Airlines. For details on the two programs: I wrote a detailed argument on why US Airways clearly has the better product. Ed wrote an argument for why …

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Victorious German World Cup Team Gets a 747 to Themselves

Apparently one of the perks of winning the World Cup is getting a private flight back home to your victor’s celebration. From the International Business Times: Flight LH2014 — an obvious reference to the Cup — took off late Monday afternoon from Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão airport, headed to Berlin …

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Will Low-Cost Carriers Charge You Not to Have to STAND?

A new study has shown that it is possible for airplanes to offer standing-room only tickets aboard the planes.  This technology could be available within the next five years. According to CNN:  The vertical passenger seat — or “standing cabin” — may be the next big cost-cutting move in aviation, …

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JetBlue to Skip the Check-in Process

JetBlue has announced its plans to scrap the check-in process. From Business Week: “The idea of asking customers to jump an additional hurdle before their flight is an increasingly antiquated concept,” Blair Koch, a JetBlue vice president, said in announcing the new process. “By having the right systems in place, …

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