Spirit Airlines Replaces Social Media Team Concept with Auto-Responders

Nope, this is not an Onion article.

From Forbes:

The airline has changed its Twitter bio to “a big social media team costs money, so we put our feed on Autopilot to save you cents on every ticket.†While most airlines globally are ramping up their social media customer service teams, Spirit has decided to do the exact opposite. 

Forbes pointed out that they never really answered tweets on the account anyway, so it technically is a (bizarre) step up.

Spirit Auto Pilot

I decided to try this Auto-Pilot feature and didn’t receive any response back.

I edited my question and tried again.   No dice!

So when I went back and looked at Spirit’s feed, it looks like the auto-pilot hasn’t been working for the last fourteen hours.

Auto-pilot fail!  Someone call Julie Hagerty.

The Flight Attendant Discovers the Auto-Pilot Has Been Turned Off

My tweets in case they ever get responded to:

EDIT: The Auto-responder is back up and is tweeting!


Upset about Spirit’s auto-responder?  Upset that it isn’t wasn’t working?  Remember to complain to Spirit Airline and receive 8,000 miles.


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  1. African or European swallow?

  2. Good to see Monty Python fans.

  3. Just when I think Spirit can’t get any weirder…

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