Do You Prefer to Talk When You Travel?

a plane parked at an airport

Earlier today, I mentioned I can get pretty lonely when I travel. Forch, I AM the guy who will strike up a convo with you oh this 6 hour flight.   You like trout fishing? ME TOO! Enjoy being quiet in flight?  ME TOO. What’s the deal with airplane food? …

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Staying Positive by Doing Positive Things

a child's hand reaching out of an airplane window

If you fly frequently, you’ve had to deal with crying babies, people who take too long to go into their seats and block the aisle from everyone else, and delays.  And you’ve dealt with grumpiness.  Other passengers, the airline crews, and sometimes your own. Art Carden wrote a post a …

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Families Deserve Our Respect on Airplanes

a white airplane in the sky

I’ve worked in bars that were mostly bars (and one family restaurant). One place I worked at was a club.  We started opening on Sundays for the football games.  We didn’t serve any food.  We were just a bar. Occasionally, parents would bring their small children in.  We never would …

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Sometimes You Just Can’t Help from Afar

a beach with palm trees and a sunset

One of the things I value the most out of my frequent travel is being able to help my friends and family.  Whether it is getting to stay in a fancy hotel suite that has a fancy horse* shoe brush or upgrading someone on the sly, I love getting to share …

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American Airlines New First Class Meal Offerings

a bowl of ice cream with pretzels and chocolate chips

I had the opportunity to learn about (and taste) American Airlines new first class menu offerings on Monday in Dallas.  Everything tasted slightly salty to me, but I’ll caveat that with two things:  1. I don’t tend to put much salt on food & 2.  We are on the ground. …

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