The Time the Air Marshall Sprung to Action on My Flight

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Recently, author Annie F. Downs was tweeting, trying to figure out if an air marshal was on her flight. Sometimes I’ve wondered.  One time I found out for sure. From my memories: While boarding was going on, the gentleman in front of me in first class asked the flight attendant …

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Are (Paid) Short-Haul Business Class Flights Pointless?

food on a tray on a plane

A columnist for the Economist wrote about a recent flight a client purchased for him.  It was a short-haul trip from London to Norway, and about 90 minutes in length.   The client opted to buy him a ticket in business class.  While the author enjoyed being in business class, he decided …

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I Miss US Airways’ Upgrade Communication Style

airplanes parked at an airport

I loved the way US Airways communicated about your upgrades. As soon as your window for upgrades opened, US Airways would send you an email. If upgrades weren’t released yet, it would tell you that upgrades are not yet available yet, but they would send you an email once they …

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86-Year Old Plane Spotter Has Dream Come True with A380

a woman in a cowboy hat in a cockpit

86-year old Mr. Van Dam worked for Airbus, but retired before the A380 was released.  The A380 is the world’s largest passenger plane, and Mr. Van Dam has been enamored with it from afar. Our intrepid plane spotter headed out to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in hopes of seeing the A380.  While …

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Frontier on a Race to the Bottom with Spirit?

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Tiff wrote about Spirit Airlines’ seat pitches (as compared to other airlines).  Spoiler:  it didn’t fare very well.  The seat pitch in coach is 28″ as compared to other airlines. But their big comfy seats have seat pitches of 36″, which is comparable to nicer seats on other airlines too …

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