How Mercury Could Melt an Airplane

a close-up of a metal piece

In addition to dynamite and tear gas, you shouldn’t bring mercury on board an aircraft. But what’s the worst that could happen? Oh, the plane could melt. But how could aluminum–seemly the perfect solution to something that would rust (iron)–be so vulnerable? It has to do with how alumninum invisibly …

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Black Boxes Are Neither Black nor Boxes (discuss.)

a close-up of a flight recorder

Well, sometimes they are box-like.  Also, the “black box” that news reports refer to are really two separate items.  Neither one is black. The black box is made up of two items: The flight data recorder (FDR) is a device that preserves the recent history of the flight through the …

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Where Is the Safest Place to Sit on an Airplane?

a blue and white airplane seats

It may not be where you think it is.  I’ve often heard “within five rows of the exit row” cited as the safest area on the airplane. And it makes sense logically–if you only have a short period of time to leave the plane, the closer to the exit, the …

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How These Airplanes Left Behind an Angel

a white angel in the sky

There’s an image that’s been circulating around that’s a bit eerie and amazing. Some people are saying it’s an angel in the sky.  Others think it is a fake CGI photo.  Neither is true, and the source of this angel is pretty cool. The Russian Air Force group, Russikiye Vityazi, was …

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Ban All Alcohol on Flights?

a person's hands making a drink

Recently, there’s been a lot of alcohol-related incidents in flight.  Some resulting in arrests, diversions, etc.  So some travel experts are advocating cutting alcohol out of flight entirely. View from the Wing put that suggestion out there yesterday. To be sure most flights have no issue with alcohol at …

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They 3D Printed an Airplane and Then Flew It!

a white airplane in a tent

The future is now.  3D printing has brought us human limbs You can print mugs and more.  (HOLY CRAP) But the future is officially now now.  They have not only printed a 3D airplane, but they’ve flown it. According to “This is a test of what’s possible with 3D printing technology,” …

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