Salvaging Buying Tickets for the Wrong Day, an American Castle, and More $400 European Fares

Sometimes, booking giant trip itineraries gets so complicated, you miss out on the little details.  Such as buying tickets for the wrong day.

Yes, it can happen to the best of us!

It happened to Ed/Pizza, and I count him among “the best of us”.  But not only did he have an (assigned seating) train ticket for the wrong day, he fixed it while on the train.  Oh, and his whole family was traveling with him too.  Check it out.

Why go to Europe to see (basically) a castle?  Monkey Miles has a run down of the largest single family residence in the United States at over 135,000 square feet.  (My house might fit in a bathroom there).  Plus, monkey.

Loyalty Traveler has a list of more ~$400 routes to Europe.  If you’ve wanted to go to Europe and have been holding back, now’s the time to buy.  Fares include departure from DC, and travel is through December.


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