Straight from an Episode of Archer

I woke up to a headline on Airline Gossip’s Twitter feed immediately made me think of Archer.

According to the Mirror, a man stormed the cockpit because he wanted to fly the plane:

Just five minutes after take-off, however, the passenger reportedly began throwing money up into the air and yelled the words “I want to fly” repeatedly.

Shocked passengers watched as he then made a dash down the aisle and charged towards the cockpit doors in a violent attempt to enter the restricted area.

Hmmm… this sounds a bit familiar…

archer fly the plane

Oh yeah.  Archer did that.

After getting booked in first class and drinking all the rum punches he could on take off, Archer decided he wanted to fly the plane.

Effectively getting himself banned from air travel.

So he took a train… and well…

That didn’t turn out well either.

Well… at least there are blimps…

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