This Guy Took 300,000 Photos Over the Last 2 Years to Make an Amazing Two Minute Time-Lapse Video of Europe

Paul Richardson took over 300,000 photos around Europe over the last two years and pieces them together to make this cool two minute time-lapse video of Europe.

According to him, he put in 1,000 hours of work (or 7 hours per second) into this video.

The music is a little movie-trailer-meets-new-tech-release but the imagery is awesome.  Especially considering a lot of this time-lapse photos are done while slowly rotating around the subject.

Pretty cool.

Richard is UK based and his portfolio can be found here.

His bio from the website reads:

Ever since I was a kid I was messing around on computers. I got hooked on video editing, and started creating game-trailers. In my late teens I became interested in photography, and naturally the two passions combined.

Timelapse photography became the ultimate outlet for my creativity, allowing me to showcase the world in a new light.

Check out his time-lapse video below.  This is one of those things that has me asking “what the heck have I been doing my whole life while he’s been accomplishing this?!”

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